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For me, the event videography, especially the one related to weddings and baptisms, is a lifestyle. Even if at first it was just a passion for a new style of visual expression, today, this passion is a full time job. I am a husband, father and visual artist with background in painting and photography. I'm located in Bucharest and I'm always interested in new opportunities and experiences, whilst meeting people with beautiful stories.


There is no pattern that can describe the unique experiences each relationship goes through. The beautiful adventures, but also the difficult moments that you've been through, they brought you together, here and now, at this point in which you have committed to joining your lives forever.


My interest in knowing you and building a relationship with you will allow me to express your story better than anyone else. I would like to find out not just how you first met, but also your perspective on life, what passions drive you and what you like to do, whether it's traveling, concerts or time spent with friends and family.


I encourage you to dare and wish for a genuine and exciting movie that represents your wedding experience. I want you to feel in every frame the emotion and the passion invested in creating the film. I wish that whenever you will watch the artistic rendering of your story, it will remind you that nothing in life is more important than the love you share.


I'm Aurelian Mirea and I want to know your story.

Aurelian Mirea Videographer    tel: 0766 663 102


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