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The delivery time for the edited material, as well as for the wedding or baptism video clip, is 30 - 120 days from the date of the event.



First of all, we are talking about events that are considered unique in life. Your wedding and your child's baptism are events that will certainly stay in your hearts for the rest of your lives. That's why choosing a professional videographer is the best thing to do, given his ability to capture moments, feelings and emotions. It is true that today's technology, available even on mobile phones, comes in hand and can be used by your friends to shoot, but transposing your story into a video edit that will artistically render your experience and that you will watch again with pleasure over the years to come, it can only be done by a professional videographer.

Two videographers are always more effective than just one. Frames are more diverse, positions can be more complex. It's important that the two videographers work as a team to capture as much as possible at your event: unique moments, your emotions, your parents', brothers' and sisters', the reactions of close friends and guests. Thus, filming will be more dynamic and no monotony will occur when viewing the final montage.

The Basic Package includes filming on the day of the event, from preparations to the end of the party. The final materials will include the video chronologically edited in an artistically-documented montage and a 3 to 10 minute clip that will bring back the joy and emotions of your event. The materials will be delivered on digital support.

By choosing me to be the videographer for your wedding or your child's baptism, I can promise you I will be involved in your story and I will be at your side for every important moment.

I will help you with tips and tricks from my events video experience and I will make a movie about your emotions and your love.

I will be there for you starting from the preparations of the event until the end of your party.


... do not expect your event to look the same as what you see on this site, but to be even nicer!


Every event is unique, because you are unique!


If you want to talk, please let me know!


Video montage


 Your wedding, chronologically edited in a lasting video edit

Documentary edits


  Moments from your wedding day, edited into a documentary with multiple perspectives



  A short clip that brings back to your heart the joy and emotions from day of your event


What we deliver


Videograf nunta Bucuresti l Aurelian Mirea l Cameraman nunta
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Video Nunta Bucuresti, Cameraman botez, Videograf nunta Bucuresti l Aurelian Mirea l Cameraman nunta
Video Nunta Bucuresti, Cameraman botez, Videograf nunta Bucuresti l Aurelian Mirea l Cameraman nunta
Video Nunta Bucuresti, Cameraman botez, Videograf nunta Bucuresti l Aurelian Mirea l Cameraman nunta    tel: 0766 663 102


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